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Stay In Your Lane- Mangwana Tells Diplomats

Government spokesperson, Nick Mangwana Monday called on diplomats to stick to their mandate and refrain from influencing their beliefs on the country.

Mangwana, without pointing specific fingers, lashed out at the diplomatic corps accusing them of double standards in their quest for improving human rights in Zimbabwe.

“Diplomats are accredited to our countries to help build relationships between the posting and receiving nations.

”Instead of doing that what do they do? They try to impose own cultural values and ways of life on the hosting nation under the guise of human rights and democracy,” Mangwana said.

His latest tirade follows a recent one where he revealed that some government officials and diplomats were embroiled in a tiff over the Public Voluntary Organization (PVO) Bill.

Mangwana’s comments also come after the US Chargé d’Affaires to Harare, Hastings met with Foreign Affairs Minister, Ambassador Fredrick Shava to discuss U.S.-Zimbabwe relations.

The US government, after the meeting, said the two parties enjoyed the opportunity to exchange ideas.

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