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TelOne Centre For Learning Ignites Big Data Revolution In Zim

TelOne Center For Learning, a subdivision of fixed telecom giant TelOne has taken the first step in spearheading big data interception in Zimbabwe through an inaugural Big Data Seminar held at Rainbow Hotel last week.

The learning institution is now Zimbabwe’s leading college in offering internationally accredited certifications such Big Data, Cisco Certifications, Huawei Certifications and many other qualifications.

What is Big Data?

Refers to the complex and voluminous information which has become too big for traditional data processing application softwares to handle.

The emergence of Big Data has brought about challenges such as capturing data, data storage, data analysis,search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating, information privacy and data source.


TelOne Managing Director – Chipo Mutasa

In her opening remarks read on her behalf, TelOne MD, Chipo Mutasa highlighted that, “The world is changing faster than any time in human history. Innovation in the ICT space has been accelerating rapidly. The 4th Industrial Revolution which is characterized by a fusion of technologies is transforming the way we think, live and work. Due to the fast paced growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), there has been phenomenal increase in the speed with which data is now being created, stored, manipulated and used.”

The rapid evolution of data in businesses and human social life has to date made big data the most exchanged commodity across the globe today.

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During his Data Science presentation, TelOne Engineer, Martin Manuhwa dissected various big data terminologies, data concepts, trends, history, confluence & ecosystems of data in the 4th revolution and the essentials of big data in the digital world.

He further shared some very interesting statistics which revealed that social sites such as Youtube are capturing 300 Hours of video content every minute due to the emergence of converged data on collaborated networks.

Facebook on its own is now storing an average 300 Petabytes of customer data with a daily traffic of 600 Terabytes.

Big data mining is mainly done to extract decisive information such as consumer behavior, customer buying trends and other critical data required by marketers to make viable business decisions.

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