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Poetry Corner- Mr Politician!

By Tatenda Chinondidyachii Mashanda

Can you hear our chained souls ailing?

Can you hear the homeless wailing in the dilapidated streets?

Can you hear the cries of those languishing in poverty?

Can you hear the cries of those carrying the yoke of oppression?

Can you hear the cries of those starving to death?

Can you hear the cries of our daughters being sacrificed on the altar of patriarchy?

Of course not!

The unforgiving high walls blinds you from everything

There are barricades of arrogance around you

There are barricades of power around you

Those around you sing the song you always want to hear

Those around you are delusional and stuffed inconsiderate cotton in their ears too

Don’t you ever get tired of listening to an archaic melody?

Of course not!

You enjoy seeing us drown in the blood of our misery

You enjoy seeing us praise your name in squalor

Is that why you burden us with mental shackles?

Is that why you are crucifying our future on desolate Golgotha?

But why can’t you see the writing on the wall?

Why can’t you tame your wicked thoughts?

I have thorns in my bones

Do you have that too?

Of course not!

One day the rebel in me, the rebel in us will treat you like a stray dog

Just one day Mr Politician……or whatever you call yourself!!!

Tatenda Chinondidyachii Mashanda is a budding offensive realist and a writer sometimes.

He hails from Rushinga, Mashonaland Central Province.

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