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Weekend Entertainment Review With Munashe Chokodza


The past weekend was marked by poorly attended shows in the capital with Dancehall artists, and Sulumani Chimbetu shows recording less than 50 fans, but Sungura musicians had something to smile as their shows at Acquatic Complex and Jongwe Corner, recording decent crowds in what could be a signal of the power of sungura in Zimbabwe.

On Friday, Mbare born Zimdancehall star, Killer T and Hot Property Band were in Hatfield marketing their latest singles collection. The Itai Ndione hitmaker also used the occasion to perform with his live band and judging from his performance, its a matter of time before he puts his act together.Killer T shared the stage with Fizzman Juntah and many other upcoming Zimdancehall artists.

Utakataka Express boss, Peter Moyo had a good show at Jazz 24/7 though only a handful of people turned up.

On that same busy night, Sulumani Chimbetu brushed aside his recent battles with ex-wife Marygold Mutemasango and took Dendera to the Players bar where he performed to less than 50 people. Sulu gave his best to those few people before he proceeded to Zebra bar in Mbare on Saturday and just like his Friday show, the attendance was indifferent.

Chitungwiza was the place to be on Saturday as the much awaited show where Nicholas Zakaria was launching his new Takakomborerwa with his student Aleck Macheso in what has been taunted as ‘Khiama boys’ reunion’. Sungura fans descended at Acquatic Complex in their numbers in the slightest indication of the fact that Sungura is still a force to reckon on the country’s showbiz. Other musicians who performed at the event include Tryson Chimbetu, Beverly Sibanda and many others.

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Weekend showbiz continued with Extrabasso Aleck Macheso and his Orchestra Mberikwazvo invaded Jongwe corner on Sunday, recording another huge turn out. Macheso whose bass guitar playing prowess has endeared him with many sungura fans kept merrymakers on the dance floor in what has become a norm at his shows.

Till we meet again next, its bye bye.

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