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Winky D Reimburse Fans At Castle Tankard

Zimbabwe’s king of dancehall, Winky D who left fans crying for more after a short performance at HIFA on Friday, compensated with a scintillating act at the Castle Tankard on Saturday.

Freeman on stage with Darula at the Castle Tankard

The Gafa president came on stage with a point to prove that he is still the same Winky D who doesn’t disappoint fans, kicking off his act with the energetic song ‘Dance Rakufaya’ and never lowered his tempo until he got off the stage.

After his performance, Winky D was at a loss of words for the way he was received by fans at the concert.

“I am happy with the way Gafa family supports my music and I have respect for them,” said Winky D.

Before his performance, fast rising contemporary musician, Andy Muridzo had a good act though he lost fans when he moved on to a dancehall selection, playing cover songs from both local and international musicians.

Andy Muridzo, performing at the Castle Tankard on Saturday

Baba Keketso as Muridzo is famously known, left the stage by jumping down to greet his fans.

The HKD boss, Freeman who performed after Muridzo did not disappoint as he kept fans on the dance-floor during his 30 minutes as he belted old tunes.

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Freeman said he was happy to see most ghetto youths enjoying local music something he added gives local musicians the urge to keep improving their acts.

Other Zimdancehall artists who performed at the Castle Tankard include Kinnah, Jah Love, Hwindi President and many others.


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