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Zanu PF A Criminal Organisation: CCC

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) says the ruling Zanu PF party has become a criminal organisation that harbors felons without condemnation of their wrongdoing as evidenced by recent events on the political terrain.

Speaking to journalists in Harare on Thursday, CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said the country is currently experiencing an indirect state of emergence.

“Zanu PF continues to incite violence and we all remember a top leader of Zanu PF said we will crush the CCC like lice, this is the context which we find the Nyatsime violations. We also have a case of a well-known Zanu PF from Mberengwa, Abton Mashayanyika who threatened president Nelson Chamisa with death, he still walks free formal reports not one, not two but numerous have been made  to the police and yet no investigation has been committed, he continues with impunity.

“There is also evidence in video, Zanu PF Nyatsime councillors inciting violence against our members at the funeral of Moreblessing Ali. They declared Nyatsime a Zanu PF zone notwithstanding that the Constitution guarantees all citizens can move freely everywhere in the country again absolutely nothing was done.

“We know the stories of terror gangs in the rural areas threatening members of the CCC and doing the bidding for Zanu PF. It has become so bad that Zanu PF has become a criminal organisation all of this is evidence that they harbor criminals who conduct criminal activities with absolutely no sanction or condemnation from their party. It has become so bad that Zimbabwe is experiencing a subtle state of emergence, a night genocide and apartheid in the countryside where if you are CCC you don’t get seed, Government basic services and you don’t get food aid,” said Mahere.

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She denounced the continued detention of sixteen party members who were arrested in relation to the violence that occurred in Nyatsime calling it ‘weaponisation of politics’.

“We have seen politicisation and weaponisation of food aid. We have seen kraal heads, traditional leaders commandeered to do the bidding of Zanu PF something that is contrary to the prescribed in the Constitution. This is obviously compounded by the patent persecution that we actually see including the arrest and detention of 16 Citizens relating to the incidences that took place in Nyatsime.

“Zimbabwe has experienced the weaponisation of politics, abuse of the legal system and further abuse of the courts to try and silence and undermine political opponents. This is direct contrary to Section 67 of the Constitution which gives us the right to form political organisations, to gather and even to challenge Zanu PF,” she said.

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