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Unions Slam Govt Over Dismissal Of Nurses Leader

Umbrella body representing civil servants has condemned the dismissal of Zimbabwe Professional Nurses Unions president Robert Chiduku saying the move is in breach of his labor rights as enshrined by the International Labor Organisation (ILO) Convention 87 and 98, and Section 65 of the Zimbabwean Constitution.

Government on Monday fired Chiduku citing improper conduct for allegedly convening and conducting union business during working hours.

In a statement, Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (ZPCSTU) dismissed the firing of Chiduku as illegal and vindictive on the part of the Health Services Board.

“We were alarmed as the Health Service Board chose to throw the rule book through the window and proceed to punish the union leader for exercising his cardinal right to organise his constituency in a clear case of union bashing which seems to have become a norm in our land,” said (ZCPSTU).

ZCPSTU appealed to the Minister of Public Service Professor Paul Mavhima to reinstate Chiduku and punish the Health Services Board.

“The Minister of Public Service should reinstate Chiduku and punish the Health Service Board for abuse of authority and that of the statutory instrument whose duty is their to correctly read and administrator,” said the joint unions.

ZCPSTU also reminded the government to respect their social contract and the observance of rules of engagement and rational disputation which is prerequisite for harmony in the workplace.

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