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Zanu PF MPs Disrupt Another MDC Chaired Parly Committee

The Parliamentary portfolio Committee on Information, Communication and Technology Postal and Courier Services failed to sit after Zanu PF legislators once again disrupted proceedings accusing the Chairperson Charlton Hwende of refusing to recognize President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The committee meeting wanted to hear oral evidence on allegations of abuse of public funds at NetOne.

A stubborn Hwende insisted that the committee will summon NetOne despite the disruptions.

“They have been buying furniture for Zanu PF, it’s there in the preliminary forensic report. These are matters that we were supposed to interrogate today but as you can see they are paying people.

“They do not want the board to come and account for public funds that are being abused at Net One. So we have resolved that Net One must still appear next week. Our fight against corruption continues unabated” said Hwende

Meanwhile the MDC claims that Zanu PF members failed to disrupt another MDC chaired committee due to their inferiority in numbers.

“Zanu MPs this morning mounted a spirited effort to disrupt the Higher and Tertiary Education Committee meeting but to no avail. The MDC MPs who are the majority members of the Committee managed to strongly withstand the effort by the Zanu MPs.

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“One of the Zanu MPs explained that they were all whipped into doing this as part of a desperate strategy to force the MDC to accept the legitimacy of ED. However, the position of all MDC MPs remains very clear and unequivocal,” read a statement from the MDC.

The MDC insists President Mnangagwa is illegitimate as they claim he lost the 2018 Presidential elections to Nelson Chamisa.



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