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ZanuPF Youth League Declares War On 31 July Protesters


The Zanu-PF youth league has vowed to defend the nation and President Emmerson Mnangagwa on 31 July as the opposition and civil society intensify preparations for a demonstration on the slated day.

The Jacob Ngarivhume fronted demonstration has been gathering steam on social media platforms with the leader reiterating that corrupt leaders will be toppled on the day.

However, ZanuPF youth league said it will not fold hands but will come guns blazing in defence of Mnangagwa and the people of Zimbabwe if the protestors resort to violence.

The youth league interim leader, Tendai Chirau told informal traders in Mbare that 31 July will be business as usual and warned that a lot will happen should the demonstration turn violent.

“They want to be violent and want to think they will repeat what they did in August 2018 to burn property and vehicles. Why loot and burn property? We love peace but we have people who want violence to get into power,” Chirau said.

“On July 31, we are there to protect peace and our work. I assure you that the people of Zimbabwe will not stand for that stupidity. If someone does anything on July 31, be warned and don’t ask anyone if you see what will happen.


“The baton sticks with the police are not for display. Police are there to maintain law and order and if there is anyone who wants to cause problems, they (the police) have a right to use force,” he added.

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Chirau further stated that the ZANU PF Youth League, stands ready to “defend the legitimate national interests; in defence of innocent breadwinners and their dependents who are being threatened with disruptive, senseless violence and injury.”

He told the opposition movement that the only acceptable path to political power in Zimbabwe is through the plebiscite.

The demonstration comes as the country is currently seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases and there have been concerns that lack of social distancing will see another huge rise in the number of positive cases.

However, Ngarivhume said there is no going back on the demonstration and took to social media to register his displeasure at state surveillance in the lead up to 31 July.

“When I proposed a national demonstration I knew the risks. But it is sickening for the state to pretend to care about COVID 19 lives yet send me messages threatening to kill me and my family,” he said.


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