Zim EFF Applauds Zimbabwe National Army

Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has applauded the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) for orchestrating a peaceful transfer of power that ended former President, Robert Mugabe’s 37 years grip on power saying the Operation restore legacy was a neccesary process as the country was further sinking into the economic and governance crisis.

In a statement, the ZEFF party, Commander in Chief, Innocent Ndibali blamed the Mugabe administration for driving Zimbabwe into an economic crisis adding that the November military action was justified as it has rejuvenated the nation’s hope.

“For thirty-seven years the Mugabe cabal has held our nation at ransom, driving it into the doldrums of doom through mis-governance, a disregard of the fundamental rights and the pursuit of policies that have ensured the perpetual impoverishment of our people,

“In this regard, the Economic Freedom Fighters wishes to recognize, acknowledge and applaud the role played by the Zimbabwe National Army under the selfless command of Commander Constantine Chiwenga and His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa for orchestrating the move that culminated in the ousting of Robert Mugabe and his cronies.

“The EFF view the events of November 2017, deemed undemocratic and unconstitutional, as a necessary event that has sown the seed of hope for our nation,” said Ndibali.

He lauded the new dispensation’s commitment to opening new markets and investment opportunities with an emphasis on foreign direct investment where the Zimbabwean diaspora plays a critical role.

Ndibali expressed concern over the ongoing fiscal challenges especially the currency shortages and the failure of the economy to respond to the broad national needs through the creation job opportunities; which continues to drive youths and skilled personnel out of the country.

“Drastic measures need to be taken such as the review of our monetary and economic policies and the establishment of a multi-stakeholders’ consultative forum tasked with the duty to conceptualize innovative solutions to the current economic predicaments; a process to which we will avail our expertise,

“Those that remain succumb to alcohol and drug abuse and other inhuman acts in order to survive,” explained Ndibali.

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