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Zim Revolution, Driven By An Incompetent Opposition


A few weeks ago, Zimbabwe was shocked to learn that Member of Parliament (MP) for Kuwadzana East and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) vice President Nelson Chamisa was part of a parliamentary portfolio committee set up to review salaries and benefits of parliamentarians. I question his presence because of his background in politics; that of his party and everything it stands for, has stood for even in its embryo stage as a trade union. I also happen to question his presence because I know he will argue that he ‘never contributed or said anything.’

By Leopold Munhende

That a member of the opposition could be used to further the interests of oppressors by behaving like them is to a Rhodesian black citizen reminiscent of Mugabe when he took over from Ian Smith, one and the same or even worse, frightening.

Public Relations on the vice president’s behalf done by a local daily should be condemned. The MDC has always been a pro-poor movement, against the current regime and all its traits. It is very worrisome when a leader of the movement or revolution exhibits traits similar to that of the oppressor. Because of his mistakes, which date back to 2008, Chamisa is no longer a ‘same feather’ with the people instead his approach to politics now easily identifies with Buhera South MP, Joseph Chinotimba whose arrogant nature continuously fuels Speaker of the House of Assembly Jacob Mudenda’s argument that it is high time we had educational limits for one to be a parliamentarian.

Chamisa might argue that he did not say anything, like he did in his PR campaign but I argue, ‘What were you doing in an irrelevant, uncouth committee which screamed ZANU PF from the onset? What was the committee’s aim in such an unfair comparison between Zimbabwe and any parliament of your choice in Southern Africa?’

Tanzanian President, John Magufuli

For your information(Chamisa and committee) , Tanzania’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been on a steady rise of an average 6.5 percent per annum in the last decade. Gross international reserves stood at $4.3 billion at the end of January 2017, a level sufficient to finance the equivalent of approximately four months of projected imports of goods services according to the World Bank.

President Mugufuli with the support of his parliament has turned Tanzania into ‘a South Africa’.

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You on the other hand have been implicated in a parliament which has overseen the continued decline in industrial production, a very low, never predictable and inhumane growth rate. Then you have the guts to compare with those who are doing well.

Then a divine motion which if passed could result in the upliftment of thousands of lives just had to be tainted by irrational statements from the MDC-T (It is always MDC-T). God why? MDC-T MP for Southerton, Gift Chimanikire could just not restrain himself could he.

After Zvishavane-Ngezi MP, John Holder had moved a motion arguing that government should give back Shabanie Mashaba Mines (SMM) to self-exiled and former proprietor, Mutumwa Mawere who has the expertise and finance to resuscitate the firm, Chimanikire just had to taint everything.

MDC-T MP, Gift Chimanikire said that the situation as SMM was tragedy.

“ZMDC was tasked with resuscitating operations but it is clear that they cannot revive SMM when all the mines under them are closed.

“That Mawere externalised money is not an issue because every businessperson in this country has externalised,” said Chimanikire. (NewsDay, 13 April 2017).

Many seem to have missed the talking point, opting to argue on whether or not Mawere should be given back SMM or not however a more interesting one is proffered by Chimanikire when he states that,

“That Mawere externalised money is not an issue because every businessperson in this country has externalised,” said Chimanikire.

This coming from a parliamentarian whose party seeks to fight against the ZANU PF manner of governance and disrespect of the rule of law.

So, it is no longer a crime so long as everyone else is doing it, even if the law criminalises it? So the courts should just drop whatever case they have against Mawere and hope to God this time he will operate in an earnest and honourable manner (if he did not the first time)?

Understand, I am not against Mawere’s repossession of SMM. I swear that is the only thing that can save the firm which at its peak had 5,000 employees while some 100,000 families directly benefitted. Mugabe and his Chinamasas seem not to have the brains to deal with a problem of that magnitude.

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I argue that let things be done the right way. I know for certain, from various platforms with Mawere that he believes himself innocent. Let him present himself before whichever court he is supposed to and have his case heard. Once that is done away with and he is found to be innocent then can we discuss his takeover. This is the time for MDC and various other opposition parties to preach the gospel of adherence to rule of law, a feature which has been missing in our history as a nation. I do not expect a lesser statement coming from the MDC-T. Two wrongs do not make a right Chimanikire, Sit down!

Mawere, just like Wicknell Chivhayo, has been spotted dining with the Mugabes too. Just an afterthought!

This article might seem as diatribe to the MDC-T out of hatred yet it is not. This is a call to Zimbabwe’s only significant opposition political party to put its flaming house in order, stop absorbing and churning ZANU PF rhetoric thereby hindering the current revolution.

What Zimbabwe does not need is a spineless leadership with no guts to face Mugabe and instead opts to join him as has Chamisa and Chimanikire done. MDC-T secretary general, Douglas Mwonzora knows what I am talking about. People who attended the recent National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) feedback meeting at Freedom Square in Harare explicitly made it known to him that they want to demonstrate against Mugabe’s repressive system only for him to defer it, behaving just as expected.

Which opposition party in the world has ever been guided by its oppressor on how best to fight for its own emancipation and went on to win its independence? Wise up!

This is the time to defy and fight back. Your continued promises to demonstrate are working against you by demoralizing your movement which as has been highlighted over and over, is always courageous and a step ahead of its leadership. So far none of you is giving the electorate hope that there will be any change in 2018. It is time to inspire confidence otherwise just sit down.

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