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Zimbabwe: Law Hub Launches as Accessible, Free Legal Reference


The Law Hub is an interactive and multi-medium legal education platform that is being launched on 2 August 2015. This platform leverages on the high level of literacy to build citizen agency by providing legal information tailored to Zimbabweans (particularly youth), but also of interest to a wider audience. Users of the Law Hub stand to benefit immensely from accessing reliable information pertaining to Zimbabwe’s laws and legal system. This innovative and accessible online platform will also creatively enhance legal literacy among Zimbabweans, in particular, by providing informative and relevant law lessons.

Through the Law Hub platform, we aim to provide legal information relating to Zimbabwe’s justice system to ensure an informed citizenry, fully aware of their legal rights and able to exercise agency regarding legal matters in their lives – individually and collectively.

Ms. Rumbidzai Dube, the Founder and Managing Editor of the Law Hub, said, “It is our pleasure to announce the unveiling of the Hub, the product of the tireless work of young Zimbabweans determined to realise the potential of our great people. We believe that this tool will be immensely empowering and constitutes an immediate game changer. We expect that it will help citizens defend human rights while increasing the accountability and transparency of not only their government, but all authorities and powerholders.”

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The Zimbabwe Law Hub consists of several inter-related components:
• Website
o www.lawhub.co.zw is the centerpiece of the Hub. It will launch with nearly three dozen examinations of common scenarios that citizens often face in navigating potential legal conflicts. Simplified legal briefs will provide easy to understand guidance on relevant issues that will create more empowered and responsible citizens. Topics include marriage, rape, defamation, parliament, sex work, lawyering and legal lingo and how to engage a political representative. New topics will be added to the Hub on a bi-weekly basis at a minimum.

• Interactive Polls and Quizzes
o To encourage active participation and gauge the legal interests of Zimbabweans, the Hub will deploy a series of interactive polls and quizzes that educate readers and assess their interests. Quizzes will serve as a self-assessment tool for mastery of the legal briefs while polls will allow readers to shape the content of future legal briefs.

• Social Media
o Zim Law Hub content will be disseminated through a variety of social media outlets. The Hub will tap into the large presence of Zimbabweans on Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp to deliver legal education.

• Podcasts
o Audio podcasts featuring prominent Zimbabwean legal experts will provide citizens with an in-depth analysis of major legal issues and current legal affairs. Podcasts will also be aired on local radio stations to further extend the audience reach of the Hub and make audio content accessible to individuals with weak or no literacy.

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• Cartoons
o Talented young cartoonists will bring the legal briefs to life through entertaining cartoons. Cartoons will also cover contemporary legal and human rights issues.

About the Law Hub
The Law Hub is an initiative of Zimbabwean lawyers, legal experts, and human rights defenders whose mission is to become the pre-eminent legal outlet of record in Zimbabwe disseminating simplified explanations of the law to Zimbabweans.

It is led by Ms. Rumbidzai Dube, a Zimbabwean trained lawyer presently serving with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, supported by a team of Zimbabwean lawyers, law students, national and international volunteers with extensive experience in Zimbabwean affairs, media and the field of legal affairs.

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  • Thank you for this initiative,please consider publishing either law firms in each province, any banned lawyers the public should be wary of as well as statistics of best performing lawyers in zimbabwe.Also indicate any government institutions you are affiliated to so that people know even the government supports you.

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