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Ben 10 Boyfriend Denies Affair With Mai Titi

Mai Titi’s former boyfriend Zizoe Pamyk will tomorrow open up on his relationship with the top comedienne following their break-up while in the United Kingdom recently.

Last week, a heartbroken Mai Titi took to Facebook live to share intricate details of how her Ben 10 boyfriend ended the relationship alleging that he mocked her HIV status.

During the Facebook live, Mai Titi claimed that a few days after they arrived in the UK, she bumped into Zizoe real name Blessed Zingwe with another lady who accused the comedienne of being the homewrecker.

However, recent details privy to journalists suggest that there was never an affair between the two. Zizoe who will be holding a press conference tomorrow at his lawyer’s office is cited as Mai Titi’s “alleged boyfriend” in an official invitation issued to journalists today.

“Mai Titi’s alleged boyfriend Zizoe will hold a press conference tomorrow 20 March at his lawyers place Ngwerume Attorneys, 74 Selous Ave, Harare,” reads the message.

Details on the agenda of the meeting are missing.


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