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Mai Titi, Husband Reunited

Controversial socialite Mai Titi, real name Felistas Murata, has left social media users tongue-tied after her reunion announcement with husband Tinashe Maphosa.

A few days ago, Mai Titi took to social media hurling insults at Maphosa and threatening to get her U.S-based beau arrested – much to internet users’ conclusion that the two are done.

However, the socialite has returned announcing that she spent a fortune on her wedding for it to suffer a stillbirth, less than four months into the union.

“Imagine kubudisa 100k pamuchato, Kuhire Kelly Khumalo, Kutengerwa muchato neZbc, Kupindana nezvikwereti nekubroka,Kurovana, kutukana, kurwiswa, kurwara kuonda, kusungisana, Tozorambana after 3 months, Hondo yacho yinenge yakasika kupera (Imagine spending US$100 000 for the wedding, hiring  Kelly Khumalo, the national broadcaster buying live stream rights, fighting and arrests, only to break up after three months),” she said, teasing their new reality television series The Maphosa’s Season 1.
Reacting to the news, some social media users had no kind words about the development with one section citing that Maphosa was overly embarrassed to let it go.
“If I was Tinashe I’d stay tf away from that woman. Not after shaming him in public yohhh,” said user tokyo.zw.
Meanwhile, last week, during the highly publicised fallout, Mai Titi extended a begging bowl to help pay back debts incurred for the wedding to take place.
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