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Madam Boss Breaks Silence On Mai Titi

Popular comedienne, Madam Boss, born Tyra Chikocho, has broken silence on her relationship with colleague Mai Titi, denying that the two are friends.

The duo regularly grabs headlines with their on and off friendship which, on fall out, usually wipes imagination that they will reconcile, only for them to be spotted all lovey and serving friendship goals.

The forward-backwards nature of this relationship has left many suspecting the duo of staging their fights to maintain relevance.

However, in an interview with local broadcaster, ZTN, Madam Boss expressed that the word friendship is too strong to describe their relationship.

“…I think the word friendship is a very strong word (to describe the nature of the relationship). What I can say is one is an apple and the other is a tomato, they taste different. People can judge (who the apple and the tomato is).” she said before dismissing that the duo’s highly publicised fights are staged events.

The last time the two were at each other’s throats was in June when alleged messages of Madam Boss claiming that  Mai Titi’s husband, Tinashe Maphosa, made advances at her circulated on social media.

On catching wind of this news, an enraged Mai Titi took to social media labelling Madam Boss a snake before letting the cat out of the bag on wide speculations that she barred her from attending her highly publicised wedding early this year.

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Madam Boss and Mai Titi were once best buddies and would attend functions together during their budding days in the entertainment industry.

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