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D-day For Zimdancehall Battles

Debates on who is the Zimdancehall king and queen will be settled tonight during the Harare International Carnival Zimdancehall Showcase at Glamis Arena.

Man of the moment, Jah Signal, representing the latest wave of Zimdancehall crop, will be looking to dethrone his predecessor and the acclaimed long holder of the crown, Winky D in a battle of scintillating, mesmerizing and wowing thousands of music lovers expected to throng the venue.

Jah Signal, just like the biggest face on the flyer, Winky D, has proven that he is equally good in the booth and on stage. This will set a level ground for both entertainers though the latter will have a better edge because of experience.


Mbare born and bred duo, Soul Jah Love and Killer T will battle it out for their home area crown. Home town crown serves them right considering the time they have spent in the industry and failed to run over Winky D’s ever blossoming brilliance.

The same goes for Dadza D and Guspy Warrior who will use the occasion to settle their unresolved Chitungwiza battle.

On the other hand, lionesses will be outdoing each other on the same stage with Kadijah seeking to dethrone the undisputed Zimdancehall queen, Lady Squanda.

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