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Fogging System Foils Robberies By Reducing Visibility To Zero

The continuing increase in the number of robberies requires new preventative tactics. Nowhere seems to be safe. Schools, clinics, churches, as well as homes and businesses have been robbed in recent months. Safes have been blown open.

One of the most effective ways of protecting your money and valuables in the event of a robbery is the installation of a fogging device, which when triggered releases a dense fog that makes it impossible to see anything, leaving robbers with little alternative but to flee the scene.

“Fogging systems are one of the most effective methods of protecting your safe and valuables,”  said Mr Reason Chitiva, the managing director of  Safeguard Alarms which recommends its UR Fog system as one of the best ways to outwit robbers.

“The system can be installed in the room where your safe or valuables are. It can be linked to any alarm system. When triggered it releases a dense fog that prevents anyone in the room from seeing anything.

“This stops the robber or burglar in his tracks. You can’t steal what you cannot see. There is little alternative but for the robbers to flee the scene, if they can find their way out of the room, which they may struggle to do because of the dense fog,” he said.

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He said the UR Fog security system can discharge up to 1400 cubic metres of dense fog in less than one minute.  It is so dense that a person cannot even see parts of his own body.

“The fog can last up to 20 minutes so there is more than enough time for our response team to reach and secure the premises before the fog clears,” he said.

Mr Chitiva went on to say that the UR Fog system not only discharges the fog rapidly but is safe, reliable, requires low power to operate and can run for 12 hours without a power supply. It comes with battery back-up to ensure it still runs even when there is a power cut.

“The system incorporates superior technology and is easy to maintain, programme and install,” he said.

He added that it is a tried and tested device that Safeguard has been installing for years.

“The time intervals for releasing the fog are easy to programme so that the fog can cover the size of the room being protected. Several models are available to cover different room sizes. The maximum area that the largest canister can cover is 1800 square metres,” he said.

He said the fog is totally harmless to people. The canisters are easy to refill.

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“Safeguard can advise on the best location to place the fog canisters to ensure that when triggered, the fog emissions quickly cover the entire area they are required to,” Mr Chitiva said.

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