Has Jah Prayzah Abandoned Local Fans?

If you are one person who has followed trendsetting musician, Jah Prayzah for his rich and elevating lyrical content in his songs, then brace your emotions for a tearing heartbreak as the release of ‘Ronika’ two weeks ago could save as a proof that the lanky musician is moving on.

The 31 year old’s desperation to make a name on international showbiz arena has prompted him to abandon the roots which saw his breakthrough leaving most of his fans feeling left out.

you are going international Mukudzeyi, but I think for now revert back to that Zimbabwean feeling. vana gogo nana sekuru nevana still need your touch and I’m afraid if you leave them behind you might lose some of your biggest fans. We want that soja feel not to be casted out. this is a good song zvayo but I’m not feeling ka that.

Initially, when he launched his music career, the ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ hit-maker was known for delivering never aging songs that resonated and related with all generations, songs like ‘Sungano’ which up to date sound sweet to the ear.

But alas! the lanky superstar has forgotten that charity begins at home. As a musician he should always strive to impress, maintain and retain a local fan base because they are the first pillar of support.

In Mbare, one can never host a successful gig without the Mbare born Zimdancehall star, Kinnah who has now earned the title ‘Mr Mbare.’ To residents of this suburb, a concert will not be, if there is no Kinnah.

In Bulawayo, Cowdray Park, it is the same case, the stage comes to life once Sikhobokhobo hits the venue, all illustrating how important capturing and maintaining a local fan base is.

The rate of distaste to Jah Prayzah’s ‘Ronika,’ two weeks later after the song was released on his YouTube platform is confirmed by a whooping 1 400 dislikes against 2 400 likes. Yes! dislikes are competing with likes, a clear indication that even the international audience he is trying to reach out to have not found it worthy their attention.

Early this year the ‘Ndini Ndamubata’ hit-maker had a song with Jamaican Reggae-Soul veteran Jah Cure titled Angel Lo which proved to be a disaster and it was expected that he would learn and see the need for him to stay within his zone, but Jah could be adamant.

Could Jah Prayzah be heading towards his Waterloo? Only time will tell.

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