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Kaadi Software To Simplify Congested Medical Records

At a time digital innovations are shaping the future in all spheres, a new software designed to digitize hardcopy medical records at health centres across the country has opened new frontiers in solving the challenges of too much paper work at health institutions.

Kaadi software is a brainchild of Relay Africa, a company of a group of young local and regional innovators who upon realizing that a lot of time is spent in the registration and foraging of medical records at health institutions instead of attending to patients came up with a digital solution.

Kaadi is derived from Swahili, which translates to the word “card” hence the digital medical card.

“The software is thus designed to replace the traditional hospital card used across Africa with a system that records, stores, analyses and shares medical records with relevant practitioners and health centres in the event of a patient transfer,” Relay Africa CEO, Tinashe Manyame told 263Chat.

“Kaadi allows the medical industry to have real time records of reports across the nation and this allows for quicker response in the event of an outbreak. A patient can visit the doctor, get treated and have the visit and  the prescriptions added onto the system. The patient can then go to the pharmacy and get drugs that have already been prescribed and shared with the pharmacist digitally. This sharing also includes laboratories and other practitioners who work hand in hand with medical doctors in the entire process of treating  patients,” he added.

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Historically, handwritten medical records have often been more susceptible to mistakes and sometimes hard to locate or even lost.

The latest innovation is however expected to improve accessibility on digital platforms and has strong security systems that keep information as secure as possible through a sound testing made by the company.

“The software is the very foundation of our goal which is to move the industry from reactive care to preventive care through continuous monitoring. With this in mind, the company has the intention of spreading the use of this software across Zimbabwe in every health facility no matter how remote. This will ensure that the intention of having continuous monitoring and recoverable medical records is met,” said Manyame.

Zimbabwe ‘s public institutions still lag behind in terms of embracing digitalization and as such, most health centers still keep records on paper.

Experts have welcomed the innovation saying its creates a strong network on sharing relevant medical information which is vital for any efficient healthcare system.

Relay Africa has also invented a bracelet that will help patients of chronic ailments to monitor their condition.

Through the Gyknow device, patients can now measure their level of blood pressure among other things.

“Gyknow is a wearable smart bracelet device that measures vital signs including blood pressure and sends readings to a database in real time. The device uses Bluetooth low energy technology and can be configured to take readings at set intervals during the day,” said the company in a statement.

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