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Masvingo North Schools Hail POTRAZ Computer Donations

Schools in Masvingo North province have hailed computer donations from the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) aimed at supporting the new curriculum’s e-learning program.

The province’s Gokomere High School which operates under Roman Catholic , Zimuto High under Dutch Reformed Church administration, and Mazambara High School in the Zimuto Communal lands are some of the top beneficiaries of POTRAZ’s computer donations.

Speaking to Mr. Ruguva who is the Computer Science teacher at Gokomere Mission, he expressed gratitude towards the assistance received from POTRAZ’s e-learning support initiatives which include laptop donations and establishment of Community Information Centres (CICs) across the country.

“The 20 laptops we received from POTRAZ have increased our capacity to accommodate more students in our computer laboratory. Previously, we used to have two or more students sharing a desktop but now we can afford to teach under a 1:1 student per computer ratio. This has seen our Computer Science pass-rate reaching 100% last year” added Mr. Ruguva.

Speaking to Zimuto High School’s senior teacher, Mr. Garaba, he heralded POTRAZ’s efforts to capacitate schools in areas of e-learning through the provision of much needed computer hardware and software support services.

“As Zimuto High School, we were really honored to be remembered by the regulator and the school has started bearing fruits from POTRAZ’s computer donations. We hope to increase our pass-rate to a total 100% in the next few years as our students are now benefiting from the improved information access” added Mr. Garaba.

Mr. Njondaya from Mazambara High School expressed delight after his school received 20 laptops from POTRAZ late last year.

“The computer donations received from POTRAZ marks a landmark transformation in the schools administration and dissemination of e-learning content. Our students from various faculties are converging at the computer science lab to make researches related to their course works and as teachers, we are seeing massive improvement in the content exhibited in schoolwork by our scholars” added Mr. Njondaya.

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