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Organisation Applauds Citizens For Standing Up Against Bad Governance

style=”text-align: justify;”>The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition has applauded citizens for sending a ‘loud and clear message’ to the government against the continued deterioration of socio-economic conditions in the country.

In a statement, the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition applauded students, teachers, and the general citizenry for participating in the national shutdown that was announced last week and held on Monday.

“This campaign should not in any way be misconstrued as an illegal campaign or an act of banditry as the government and the ruling party, Zanu PF would want to portray. #ShutDownZimbabwe is a legitimate Campaign by citizens who have grown weary of the lies and propaganda of the Zanu PF coup junta who continue to paint a picture of economic prosperity when the conditions of citizens continue to deteriorate by the day,” reads the statement.

CiZC highlighted that the #ShutDownZimbabwe was a call to action against the misgovernance of the country by the ruling party.

“The unilateral and unjustified rise in the cost of tertiary education, as clearly spelled out by the students under the banner of the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU), the continued impoverishment of civil servants by a government that does not want to pay a living wage, and continues to play truant in negotiating with its own workers and the monopoly over public transport by a clearly out of depth Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) which has failed especially the urban commuters,” the organisation added.

“As the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, we shall continue to mobilize genuinely patriotic Zimbabweans to ensure that the government engages citizens for genuine reforms toward more inclusive governance. Patriotism is not the preserve of Zanu PF and is a birthright for all of us,” further noted CiZC.

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