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PSH Pleads With Govt To Cut Taxes To Increase Condom Availability

Population Solutions for Health (PSH) which distributes Protector Plus condoms has called on the government to remove import duty and value-added tax (VAT) on condoms as they are playing a critical role in preventing HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and unintended pregnancies.

The statement comes at a time PSH, the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC), and the global community are commemorating International Condom Day, which aims to raise awareness of the benefits of condom use.

In a statement, PSH, said Zimbabwe faced a shortage of domestic funding for condom procurement, which threatened the availability and affordability of the product in the market.

PSH said the country’s condom program relied heavily on donor support, which had declined over the years, affecting the supply of public and social marketing sector condoms that catered to marginalized and low-income groups.

“While Zimbabwe has achieved considerable success in condom programming, more work needs to be done to address the challenges that threaten to reverse the gains. The condom program heavily relies on donor support which has reduced over the years, negatively impacting funding for public and social marketing sector condoms, which serve the marginalized communities and low-income earners.

“The shortage of domestic funding for condom procurement and related programming further worsens the situation. The commercial sector’s condom supply has been decreasing over the past two decades, partly due to higher taxes (VAT and Import Duty) on condoms, which make commercial condoms expensive and unviable. PSH is actively supporting the MoHCC in developing a sustainable condom market that promotes long-term condom use with reduced reliance on donor funding,” said PSH.

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In 2022, PSH supported the Ministry of Health and Child Care of Zimbabwe in the distribution of 7,9 million male condoms around the country.

“A key aspect of this effort is advocating for increased domestic funding for condoms and the removal of VAT and import duty on condoms,” the statement said.

PSH said it was committed to advancing condom programming and expanding access to quality sexual and reproductive health services and products.

“By addressing challenges in the market, significant progress can be made in preventing HIV, STIs, and unintended pregnancies,” the statement said.

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