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Take Advantage Of Zim Crisis To Make Money, Youths Urged

Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP) facilitators have urged the youth to take advantage of the problems that the country is currently facing to come up with great business ideas.

In an interview with 263Chat on the sidelines of the YEP workshop held in Masvingo last week, one of the facilitators Jonah Mungoshi hailed the quality of projects young people are working on.

“The quality of these businesses is increasing we are finding that businesses are acting at a higher scale, last year we had a few number of employers and this year about a third of the participants are employers who are actually employing from two people up to 18 people.

“The range of businesses that they are involved in are impressive because of the versatility,we have someone who is into engineering who is running a civil engineering company someone who is at an age of 22 is running multiple businesses in multiple industries,” he said.

Mungoshi also urged youth to believe in themselves so that they will become real entrepreneurs.

“Now the message that l am sharing to everyone is that as Zimbabweans our future is in our hands but know more appropriately that our future is in the hands of the young people.

“It doesn’t matter where the situation around you is what matters is how you react to it,what decisions do you make,what action do you take and if you truly believe in your self and you are passionate about what you do then you should be an entrepreneur .

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“You should find a way of providing a solution to existing problems in such a way that you make a profit from,” added Mungoshi.

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