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The Political Professor Series (1)

Let me say at this juncture welcome.This series is one to remember in a lifetime.Digging down in the trenches of hardcore of politics. I would like to introduce myself to you Zimbabweans as ‘The Political Professor.’What makes me a professor? It is just  am ‘The Professor.’
By Kumbirai Kingsley Mutengo
From today as the political arena is ripe for elections i want to embark with on a journey that we will enjoy and in a way building our country. I will run different topics enlighten the people, educating and provoking national dialogue. Without wasting much of your time I would to make a special mention to the ‘Political Prophet’, Acie Lumumba my brother from another mother.
Today’s topic is simple and straight forward, “Are Zimbabweans in control?” Are we really in control in our country? Do we dictate our politics?
In my own thinking Zimbabweans are not in control.Today as we stand we see the MDC and ZANU PF and we think the fight is between the two.We think this critical election ahead of us is our internal problem. Let me show you are the fighters in this election.
The world has been dominated by the G7 for a long time. I will not tell who is in G7 as it is the obvious thing. On Earth the most powerful people are namely The Queen, The Pope, The US President  and the UN Secretary General.The West has been dominating the world for quite sometime now but the are giants on the rise China and Russia
China and Russia are in the drive to recolonize the world by means of modern dictatorship. What is modern dictatorship? Modern dictatorship is the militarization state institutions in the move to maintain peace by using terror. One might not call modern as Napoleon had this kind of a system but in this day and time the military hide behind the finger acting as if they are civilians.
The drive by the East to conquer the evidenced by the making of nuclear weapons by Iran and North Korea. It is also shown how Russia has protected Assad in the move to make the east stronger. The West has tried to cause chaos in the East but now the East have realizes that real power is in economics and the sacred weapon made by nuclear.
The West has caused chaos in the East sense that they killed Saddam who had become powerful, Osama Bin Laden who fought his way into the twin towers and the Jerusalem issue which is only a way to influence Western rule in the East.All the wars in the East are the Americans, the West that find those activities.
Let me get back to my topic.Zimbabweans are not in control. Why?The West and the East are in control. The fight in 2018 is about who is going to control Zimbabwe.African Icon Robert Mugabe was once said ,”Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. “He was brave.Because of his bravery Zimbabwe had to suffer. Have you ever seen the one who more in injuries in soccer is the one who is talented and always has the ball.
This colonization he was referring to was neo-colonialism. No-one other country has distributed land in Africa thanks to Malema South Africa is seeing the light to economic freedom. Zimbabwe started by economically freeing themselves from bondage. Therefore Zimbabwe is the centre of African economic freedom
What then is the fight in 2018?Remember the West and East are fighting for control.Let me tell you what is happening behind the scenes.
Firstly The West funded the MDC from the very beginning.Why did they fund them?Regime Change Agenda!Yes the regime had loopholes but are Zimbabweans really in control.The regime was not performing due to corruption.Mugabe had too much love for his associates that he was afraid to punish them.
Why did The West fund MDC?The have an interest in Zimbabwe to control Zimbabwe with puppet Presidents.The West wants to control Africa to the maximum point but The East is in Africa .
What is happening as a I speak is that ED is a product of the 15 November 2017 coup that was ratified a week earlier by China as the major investor in the country.Clear evidence is that when Chiwenga returned from China commanded the whole ‘Operation Restore Regasi.’
Africa is being recolonized in the name of FDI and aid and you hear ED saying ,’Zimbabwe is open for business,’ yet its for sale.
Have ever wondered why Zimbabweans receive ARV’s for free it is because the business is done in the US.They create a virus they send it to Africa they collect funds from UN members states.The HIV drugs are in the US and the UN Headquarters in New York.Who is making money here .The money stays in the US that is why you see that Wall Street controls the world.
China is already established and Russia is also here to stay and.Qatar is on its way.Modern dictatorship that is in China,Russia ,Syria and Egypt is coming in Africa through Zimbabwe.
Why is the world fighting for Zimbabwe?The 1980 independence of Zimbabwe marked the end of British rule in Africa.That is why you saw  Britain coming to Zimbabwe at the ushering in of the so-called ‘New Dispensation.’They came in because they know China has taken over.So they want share spoils in the name of ‘ UNITY’ government because they know China is in control
Britain has an interest in its economy and wants to revive itself through Commonwealth and repainting Africa Red. The Brexit move is for Britain to move back into Africa and its old colonies.They are once again isolating themselves from continental Europe.
The US also has interest in Zimbabwe and Africa at large.Five senators were in Zimbabwe discussing ZIDERA with ED because China is in control.They want to negotiate power in the name of ‘UNITY’ government. Trump called Buhari to Washington the biggest economy in Africa because The East is in control.Speculations that Jonathan Moyo is CIA could mean The US was so close in achieving RCA but China is in control.
So who is who in the 2018 Election? ED has the machinery, the money from China to promote modern dictatorship. Nelson Chamisa is popular but cannot finance his campaign and the opposition is divided
The US ,British cannot fund Chamisa because the country has been peaceful.A defeat of the revolutionary party ZANU PF would bring havoc in the country .No security at all as the West wants a share on the cake.The European Union might fund either Chamisa or Thokozani Khupe since she is not a product of any kind of a coup. Merkel and Macron can relate with the two MDC factions
Furthermore NPF assisted by Jonathan Moyo can land themselves funding to finish The US Regime Change Agenda. Why? NPF has the support of the military and has members within ZANU PF. Another point Mugabe himself is behind the project and it can shake the government .It would make Chamisa the victor but peace and security will be there because NPF can convince the soldiers to remain in the barracks as G40 had many members. MDC also has a crowd.
Nelson Chamisa know Britain wants to sacrifice democracy for peace.In my opinion the US is more democratic than the British and always used the violent approach. NPF and MDC are big assets today that can change Zimbabwe for the better.
Since Chamisa has no money to finance his campaign this is what we are going to do.We are going to switch off Zimbabwe. We cannot be ruled by either by China or our former colony. An ally we can strike a deal with is the US for democracy to prevail since the is interested in democracy. When we make a deal Zimbabweans do not want to change their laws so that so that we lose our dignity as Africans and Zimbabweans .We have a culture and we do not want gayism in the country. Full indigenization and sovereignty guaranteed. Our relationship would be economic and not a 50/50 basis.That is fair no US interference in our politics.Trump make democratic again I have said before that the American President is powerful in the world.
So how can we be in control as Zimbabweans.First is first No reforms, No Elections and No Business.Today as The Political Professor i give President ED up 21 May to implement reforms.Electoral reforms in the procurement of the ballot, major media reforms and demilitarize villages and ZEC. ZEC must be an independent body and if ZEC fails UN must come in because AU is a club of despots that China eyeing with red eyes.
What  are we doing next if ED does not reform by 21 May. We are into the streets once again. I call all patriotic citizens to hear this call.
No reforms by ED we are switching off Zimbabwe no business no what.We want KG6 and China to rule thenselves in Asia and the Middle East.Strikes, Stays aways, sit in, national strikes, shutdowns and demonstrations at the as time in every city, town, district, constituency, ward and village. All these events the government will be notified because we are Zimbabweans we are not treasonous we are builders.
Zimbabweans, MDC, NPF, opposition parties, activists, students, workers, fathers and mothers, Mawarires,Tajamukas, the church, every single Zimbabwean lets speak with one voice in building Zimbabwe. Why can’t we build our Zimbabwe when others do so.Lets switch off Zimbabwe. Every Zimbabwean has the remote switch off the junta and switch on a New Zimbabwe. No reforms switch off junta ED and switch on a new trajectory. Kumagumo kune nyaya ,bhora musango, chinja maitiro chinja, Iwe neni tine basa .Asante sana
Kumbirai Mutengo writes in his own capacity. Twitter handle – @KumbiraiMutengo
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