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Another Hollywood Episode From Tytan and Olinda

It is a relationship that was built on thorns and rubbles, guaranteed of bumping into countless stumbling blocks ahead, but since igniting romance early last year, Bulawayo based rapper,Tytan and UK based entrepreneur Olinda Chapel, have defied the odds and officially got married this past weekend.

The marriage has received its fair share of mockery, criticism and applause on social media, but there are a number of unanswered questions that can only be answered by the hands of time.

Olinda was just recovering from a messy break-up with flamboyant rapper Stunner real name Desmond Chideme when Tytan penned a song titled ‘Bho’ which somewhat was a direct love proposal song to Miss Chapel insinuating that the songwriter would treat her better than her experience in the previous relationship.

As if planned, visuals of ‘Bho’ had the ‘Godo’ hit-maker ill-treating a lady whom Tytan was singing for.

Whether ironical dejavu or planned, the female entrepreneur fell for it and their relationship went a step higher when Mukoko guy paid bride price followed by a traditional wedding ceremony.


During the rocky days of Olinda’s marriage to Stunner, many people who watched their Facebook live sessions in which the two poured their hearts out to the world, concluded that it was a typical hollywood show which they named “Keeping Up with the Chideme.” It is only in Hollywood where, it is viewed as a norm for Amber Rose to go from Kanye West to Wiz Khalifa then 21 Savage.The two must have hippo thick skin to pull this through.

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Let alone the mockery they had and still are going through;

  • mbezzo_He is now an official dependent.
  • mudzie_tashaBig mama and Ben 10 ohh yeah
  • hustle_constitution264Ende Tytan ane majokes ngaachingoti jokes kani
  • carefree_blackgal@yandiechikochi aiwa mukadzi uyu haangorina hunhu zvese nekukwana. Unoti dai asina kuita zvima live zvake tiine basa naye hre. Ndiye atanga kurambwa here. She getting all the negative remarks because of her Attention Seeking Syndrome. In short she’s an a**. Exchanging men will be the reason for her downfall.
  • carefree_blackgalKana vaya vanochinja maSurname pama Documents vachapedzisira vati eke naOlinda????????????????kana ndimiwo. Chete chikuru kuroorwa. Ndaakutozivawo kuty vanhu kusaroorwa kushaya mari. Olinda anzwa nekuzviroora????????????????????
  • chiwedstyleOlinda ndiye akapa Tytan mari yeroora apa.. Kupedza kurorana kwakutoita traditional wedding… Olinda soon gadzirira another drama from that hubby of urs

Through all this criticism and attacks,so far,the phrase ‘love conquers everything’ keeps them going and only time will prove the two right but for now, being skeptical is not a crime.


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