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Winky D’s Project Release On The Cards

Zimdancehall kingpin, Winky D (born Wallace Chirumiko) has revealed that he is currently working on new projects to succeed his last offering released on new year’s eve, Njema.

Without preempting the exact date of release, the Gafa, as he is affectionately known said he got inspiration to work on fresh projects from the Covid-19 lockdown.

He made the remarks last night following a sterling performance during the CIMAS @75 Online Concert. The show was also accompanied by performances from Iyasa and fast-rising Hip Hop chanter Holy Ten.

“For the Gafa, the first days (of COVID-19 lockdown) were difficult but as we proceeded we just had to accept that this is the new normal and we are going with the flow.

“The online concerts are the gigs now, the ones we were used to have been on hold for quite some time. Nonetheless, as a Gafa I’m still producing and once the dust has settled we will start releasing, we don’t give up, we live up,” he said.

Answering to his scandal-free career, the Ijipita singer declined full credit to his flawless public image indicating numerous other players.

“It’s not Winky D alone, Winky D is actually a brand, there is a whole team in the background and I believe its (the image) all because we have been sharing good ideas on the way forward,” Winky D said.

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Meanwhile, Winky D put up a stellar performance last night complemented with flawless backing vocals.

The development comes after a public outcry over poor vocals which had become synonymous with the chanter’s performances lately.


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