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EPL Weekly – Matchday 6

Chelsea v Arsenal. It was on ever going to go one way this match. Chelsea are on the ropes, the Gunners looking good, you think, “the gunners should win this one”… But as a long time Gooner I can tell you that almost never happens. they alway find a way to screw shit up.

First let me say this and be done with with it. Diego Costa is an asshole. Total idiot of player and if he ever had a Luke Shaw type injury I wouldn’t feel sorry for him. Mmmm ok maybe a bit much. Having said that though, he is exactly what is needed at Arsenal. Some one who will take your off life support to charge his damn phone. As for the Gunners, u know what u are going to get from him, Don’t engage, play your game, but NOOOO Gabriel fell for it and well saw Red. Mike Dean is another idiot. Shambolic refereeing from him. He should see some disciplinary action. If you find you are the talk of the game, then you havent done your job as ref.
The red cards changed the game of course, but at the end of the day, the gunners as usual didn’t even try to show up. Chelsea did what the do to the gunners every season. they beat them!!!

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City lost, to the giant killers WestHam. They were kinda due a loss. But the way in which they lost. Sure they has some chances, that Navas boy has no end product, but westham stood up to them very well. I don’t expect this to derail City though.

UTD. MARTIAAAAAALLLLLLL. Last week i said i was rooting for the kid. His price tag puts a lotta pressure on him. But to be honest, all this kid needs to do is score 10 goals this season. He is almost half way there. 3 goals in 2 matches. Southampton should’ve had the game wrapped in the first 30 minutes, but they let UTD in and that was it. Some late drama, and some amazing saves from DeGea, AGAIN!! I mean this dude gets UTD at least 15 points a season on his own. Whats still a worry is Rooney’s form. Looked lost for most of the game yesterday.

Liverpool, drew with Norwich. Need I say more. They just stink right now. If they had lost the match, i think we would be seeing more calls for Brando to go.

Special mention to Westham. They have beated Liverpool, Arsenal and City. Those are some great scalps to take. I fully expect them and Leicester to fade soon, but they certainly are making the league interesting!!!

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1. City are still top for me. They will bounce back.
2. UTD move up from last week. Martial doing the business in front of goal. Need a partner for Smalling in defence though!!
3. The Gunners drop here. They will bounce back, just never expect them to beat Chelsea. I am serious, like NEVER!!!
4. Chelsea look to be coming back into the fold. Beating their whipping boys is just the tonic to go on a run.
5. Leicester
6. West HamArsenal vs ChelsaSomewhere down there is Liverpool, they just cant but a win. Sturridge is back, so that may help, but he will limp off probably next practice session!!

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