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US$5 To Watch Mai Titi Wedding Livestream

Controversial comedienne Mai Titi, real name Felistas Murata has announced that access to her wedding livestream will cost US$5.

Mai Titi is set to wed her US-based beau, Tinashe Maphosa on a day to be advised.

However, her announcement has been met with mixed reactions. While a certain section has applauded the move citing it will help with gatekeeping against negative comments others felt that the least she can do in appreciation of loyal support is allow free access for fans.

“It’s your special day Mura don’t do live to everyone you don’t need negative comments from haters,” Facebook user Edwick Masie said.

“Makore ose aya vanhu vachisapota .Nhasi nekuti machata kwave kudiwa mari .haaa mambonyatso paongorora here. Musadaro Mwari haazvide varombo nhasi vave knze asi many years vaikusapotai haaaa munhu mnhu ndazviona vakaona vose unotowana yakadarika iyoyo manje. Think about it,” another user, Ronica Bhebhe argued.
“Murombo munhu veduwe pakufara pakusuwa pakushungurudzwa taive tese wani pano panoooo nhai Murandakadzi wamuchatoo woti rasa here we are your kittens cat mom musadaro,” added Mary Mhlanga.
“Chingotinzwirawo tsitsi Inga tinohwa nekukutukirwa mumastreets umu nhai Mai Maphosa I promise ukationesawo live isusu vasina mari bt mashoko nezvituko tinazvo hobho tichatuka vanhu kunze uku vanenge vakudenha ndozvatinogona izvozvo,” Fadzie Madzinga said.
Soon after igniting romance with Maphosa last year, Mai Titi torched a storm on social media after a video of her bragging about her brilliance in moving on went viral.
Speaking during an interview on PowerFM, Mai Titi said, “If I find my new partner to be toxic or so, I’m allowed to leave and at times I may be the one to stay while they leave and I can’t beg them to come back. If I get dumped today, I’ll be with someone else the following week. I move on fast like WiFI, I don’t like problems in my life,” much to the surprise of many.
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