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My Entire Existence Is A Series of F**k Ups: Ruvheneko


“My entire existence is a series of f**k ups. Twitter will tell me, your first f**k up was being born a Parirenyatwa,” said popular radio and television personality, Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa before she delved into the ups and downs she encountered during her career.

Ruvheneko was speaking on the program F**k Up Nights Harare where she bore her soul on how and why her popular talk show, Ruvheneko Online met its Waterloo.

Before delving into details on the downside of her popular shows on ZiFM and Ruvheneko Online, she recapped how her fortunes turned during her O’levels indicating that as her first career f**k up.

“I had always thought that I would be a paediatrician someday. However, my dream was shuttered on my O’level exams after my phone rang during a Biology exam and I got disqualified. This was my first career f**k up,” said Parirenyatwa.

“So fast forward and there I am at ZIFM Stereo, and I decided to interview Pastor Evan Mawarire the days that #ThisFlag was still very new. You all know that, with the political environment in Zimbabwe at that time, it was a very risky thing to do. I was taken off air registering my first Ruvheneko talk show f**k up. Interviewing Pastor E was my f**k up,” she added.

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While she seemed to have resigned from the rigors and disappointments of the media profession, fate was not done with her.

“A few months later, this time without a platform to talk of, I received a call from Stunner who suggested that I interview him following his fallout with Olinda. Because I did not have a platform, he suggested that we use the same platform that Olinda was using to “tarnish his image,” that is Facebook live.

“I quickly gathered a crew to help set up for the shoot and we had a very fruitful debut start to Ruvheneko show online. From there my journey online started,” said Ruvheneko.

At this point when all seemed to be on track, she had to face yet another f**k up as one key team member of the Ruvheneko Online show passed away.

“When all seemed to be going well, my I.T guy, Tafadzwa whom I had started with from scratch and a key member to Ruvheneko online died. I just lost the will to carry on from there. When we buried him I buried the show. My f**k up here was overly relying on a person,” she recited.

As if that was not enough, she moved to Zimpapers as she could not resist their offer and her personal security.

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While the decision to join Zimpapers seemed rosy at that time, she later realised that it was yet another f**k up.

“Afterwards, having lost the will to go at it alone, I joined Zimpapers because I just wanted some security, like any woman of my age would want, that is getting your salary every week, rents paid and medical aid.

“This was another f**k up, for I prioritized security over my destiny,” said Parirenyatwa in conclusion.

She, however, promised a major bounce back and said, “When I make my comeback you will all feel me.”

F**k Up Nights Harare “is part of a global movement and event series that shares stories of professional failure.

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