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No Child Will Be Denied Education Due to Financial Constraints: Govt

Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Angelline Gata addressed concerns regarding the reimbursement of school fees for parents or guardians of students covered under the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM).

Addressing Parliament in response to reports that some parents have had to pay fees upfront due to delays in the disbursement of funds from the BEAM programme.

Gata detailed the government’s firm stance on ensuring that no child is denied the right to education due to their family’s financial situation.

“Our policy is clear: no child should be denied the right to education due to inability of the parent to pay school fees. We firmly believe that education is a fundamental right, not a privilege,” Gata said.

She further elaborated on the measures in place to support this policy, saying the Ministry covers the full cost of school fees for pupils under the BEAM programme and that schools are instructed not to demand any fee payments from parents or guardians of these pupils.

Addressing the specific issue of parents who have paid fees out of necessity due to delays, Gata urged them to report such incidents to the Ministry’s local offices at the district, provincial, or national levels.

“Upon receiving these complaints, the Ministry will promptly investigate the matter and ensure the school complies with the policy of BEAM,” she said.

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The Deputy Minister reiterated the Ministry’s dedication to inclusive and accessible education for all children in Zimbabwe, underscoring that any violations of this policy would be met with swift action.

“The Ministry is committed to upholding the right to education for all children in Zimbabwe. We will not tolerate any violations of this policy and will take swift action against schools that send away pupils solely due to an inability to pay fees,” said Gata

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