Creative Cultural Industry Must Amplify Productivity: Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has expressed his government’s commitment to ensure that creatives blossom and grows in national importance and economic value.

By George Swarei

Mnangagwa made the remarks today while officiating at the launch of the Exhibitions: Zimbabwe at 41 and the launch of the biography entitled “Herbert W. Chitepo; The life and Legacy of Zimbabwe’s First Black Advocate and Patriotic Freedom fighter at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare.

He said the arts play a critical role in expressing and successfully telling our story from “our own Zimbabwean and African perspectives”.

The creative Cultural Industry has been challenged to be the theater for harnessing the countries potential towards achieving of key national priorities

Mnangagwa urged the nation to draw inspiration to undertake tasks that lie ahead with resolute optimism and hope for the realization of vision 2030.

Adding that the creative cultural industry are critical actors for galvanizing the nation towards broader sustainable economic growth and prosperity.

“I applaud the manner in which the Exhibitions have captured and detailed the various facets of the country’s rich history, culture and heritage.

President Mnangagwa said the arts sector must be champions of promoting peace, love, unity and national cohesion.

“Art and the creative industries must never be used as a tool to denigrate our cultural identity or aspirations as Zimbabweans or Africans.”

He urged the arts sector to “never cut themselves off from our national heritage and identity”, adding that the it is the obligation of us all to pass on virtues of bravery, hard honest work, loyalty and patriotism.

The president took the opportunity to commiserate with the arts industry which he said was hard hit by the covid-19 pandemic and urged the sector to adopt the COVID-19 induced new normal.

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