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Criticism Inspires Me: Chamisa


MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa says criticism from different quotas inspires him to provide leadership in Zimbabwe’s fight for political and economic emancipation.

He made the remarks while speaking at the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiCZ) press conference to remember the Save Zimbabwe Campaign prayer meeting that was heavily crushed by the police on 11 March 2007.

“Some are saying Chamisa is silent and some say Chamisa makes a lot of noise in Zanu PF depending where you are and I can understand because it’s also a source of inspiration because I realize that people have hope and they want us to do something and say something more and we will provide that.

“The greatest mistake any leader can ever make is to assume that the leader is the struggle and is to assume that the leader is the alpha and omega of what the people must do, let us take back the struggle to where it belongs in the hands of the people.

“The country we want to see is in our hearts and in our heads, we can only unleash it for our future generations and for ourselves when we begin to all act not as politicians not as trade unions, churches but as citizens but the bottom line is for us to go back to our common denominator that which unites us which is Zimbabwean,” said Chamisa.

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Meanwhile, the MDC Alliance leader claimed he had reached out to President Emmerson Mnangagwa through letters and emissaries for dialogue but the latter has snubbed him.

“I have written so many letters to Mnangagwa, I have sent emissaries to Mnangagwa to say come let us reason together this problem of Zimbabwe is too big for you, you are incapable of solving it alone, it takes two to tango come let’s look at the problem together but he does not listen. He has refused to listen, he has refused to understand where we are coming from.

“You can’t say the country is normal when Makomborero is in jail, when the student leaders are in jail, when Hopewell Chin’ono has charges, when senior political leaders in the MDC Alliance have charges and when workers have charges that cannot be normal. You cannot be the only one who is normal when everyone is wrong, that is what has to be corrected but it starts with understanding that something is fundamentally broken and it needs to be fixed and can only be fixed by all of us,” he said.

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