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Let me be! – Acie Lumumba

Harare Youth Council Chairman, Acie Lumumba, has lashed back at his critics stating there is nothing wrong with young people being ambitious and wanting to live the same life that everybody else in the world lives. “So whoever is against me living the good life, maybe they are ok with the bad life, I grew up in it and I’m not going back”, Lumumba said appearing on the fourth episode of the TV show Tonight with Zororo.

Last year, Lumumba made the headlines after pictures of him emerged on social media trying on suits in Ralph Lauren in New York, during his visit to the United Nations General Assembly as part of the President’s delegation. Social media posts called Acie insensitive, as many young people are struggling to find jobs in the dipping economy. “It was insensitive and badly timed, that’s why I apologized”, Lumumba said.

Host Zororo Makamba went onto press Lumumba about other controversies that have plagued the young politician’s career thus far. For a very long time, Lumumba went by “Honourable member of Parliament” on this Facebook page. He shot back saying “Again I don’t think there is anything wrong with young people being aspirational. I said it out of ambition, because I want to be a member of parliament” said Lumumba who lost to Tapiwa Mashakada from the MDC-T in the 2013 general election. Acie has since removed Honourable MP from his Facebook page, and now goes by Comrade Lumumba.

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Speaking on his visit to South Africa earlier in the year, soon after the Xenophobia attacks Lumumba recounted on what he saw on the ground. “South African people are looking for their version of a good life, which seems to be right in front of them, but also out of reach. When they see foreigners around them, it’s the nearest they can get to where they want to get to, so they attack the foreigners in hope that if they go, they might take their place. And just maybe have a better chance of reaching the good life”.

Before 2018 he wants to close up potholes on over a 100 roads in his constituency. His immediate focus however is that young people have access to information. Construction has begun on his vision of a Harare Youth Center which is being built in Hatfield. The center will house the first youth owned radio station, an auditorium, several meetings rooms and a computer lab open 24hours a day for the public to go online. US$200 000 has been raised thus far, and he hopes that come October, the center will be open and running.


In closing Acie encouraged young people to roll up their sleeves up and build their country. Hip Hop artist and producer Simba Tagz closed out the episode with creative performance of his hit song Zvirinani on the Coca-Cola Soundstage. Tonight with Zororo episodes can be viewed at the shows website www.twzshow.com

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