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Social Media Reacts To Chamisa’s Inaction

Following the police attack on Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A) supporters who had gathered to listen to their leader, Nelson Chamisa’s Hope Of the Nation Adress (HONA), social media has blasted the youthful politician over his inaction during the crackdown.

Chamisa had just entered the Morgan Tsvangirai House when police unleashed terror on his supporters and a section of social media felt he should have come out to settle matters with the police.

After posting on Twitter condemning the police over their brazen disregard for people’s right to assembly, social media users blamed Chamisa for not leading from the front.

“Human rights violations and police brutality..It’s now evident to Africa and all in the world that nothing has changed in Zimbabwe. Our country a banana republic and a pariah state. Messages of hope & love are received with state brute force, terrorism and violence,” before tagging South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa” tweeted Chamisa.

“What do you plan on doing, posting isn’t enough Nelson,” responded one user.

“Next time lead from the front Prezzo,” added another.

Others urged Chamisa to change his strategy if he hopes to be elected in 2023.

“Change strategy my leader ; at this rate u won’t have anyone to vote for u come 2023 we will all be dead… Condemning it,doing press conference z not working my prezo please i beg…”

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