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Chinese Embassy Shields Its Firms Despite ‘Malpractice’ Claims

The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe has come under fire for behaving like a bullies and modern day slave masters after siding with Chinese businesses accused of abusing and exploiting their local employees. The Embassy released a strongly worded statement accusing local civic society organizations of not appreciating 'civilization brought Chinese presence in Zimbabwe'. Last week, 27 civic society organizations who have been consistent in exposing malpractices by Chinese companies operating in Zimbabwe said the firms were…

ZRP Officer Locked Up For Sodomising Boy At Gunpoint

A Zimbabwe Republic Police officer has been locked up after state opposed his bail pending trial following allegations of aggravated indecent assault. Hillary Zano, a 36 year old officer stood before Harare Magistrates Yeukai Nzuda on Monday answering to three counts for aggravated indecency. It is the state's case that the on January 12, Zano asked the complainant (name withheld) to accompany him to his work place at ZRP Somerby. The two met at Mbudzi Roundabout at around 1900 hours and the accused person then drove his…

Govt Commended For Efforts Towards Refugees’ Welfare

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has commended government of Zimbabwe's commitment to include refugees and asylum-seekers in the national COVID-19 response and related national vaccination plans. Soeaking at the end of her three-day visit to Zimbabwe, UNHCR's Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, Gillian Triggs was happy to note that refugees and asylum-seekers in Zimbabwe have access to health and education systems. Triggs met with partners, donors, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and…

Mamombe Applies For Referral Of Case To Con Court

Opposition activists Joana Mamombe and Cecilia Chimbiri who are being accused of faking their abduction have applied to have their matter refered to the Constitutional Court on the grounds that they feel their rights were violated. The duo's lawyer, Jeremiah Bamu led his witness (also applicants) to testify in court in arguing the basis of their application. Bamu told the court that the applicants were apprehended in Warren Park during a demostration and ordered to drive to Harare Central Police. "We were driving…

Outrage Over Chombo Farm Grab, Investors Wants Out

Investors who were in a partnership with former Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo have decided to pull out of the deal following government's move to withdraw the 99-year lease. Chombo's lawyer, Tungamirayi Muganhiri said the farm grab is now scaring investors who have been loyal to the agreement for over three years. "The farm grab was scaring investors and my clients who have both invested heavily and are committed to ensuring production and food security for the country. It's a very strange decision that has…

Chamisa Rebounds With New Party Name

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has resolved to do away with the Movement for Democratic Change name by announcing the formation of the Citizen Coalition for Change. Addressing journalists in Harare, Monday, Chamisa said the new name came after consultations with citizens and that the party will be centred around citizen participation. "We have new everything, new headquarters, name, a new mindset and thrust of course a new focus and a philosophy. The philosophy being focus on the citizen making sure that we replace…

Money Supply Surges

Zimbabwe’s reserve money for the week ending 14th January 2022 grew by ZW$1.06 billion to ZW$27.18 billion from the previous week’s position of ZW$26.12 billion as it continues to widen the gap ahead of December levels of ZW$25.94 billion with two more weeks to go to month-end, the latest Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) figures show. Reserve money, refers to local banks' balances sitting with the RBZ which are kept for purposes of lending to various economic participants without negatively impacting on the economy. In…

Inspector Jaji Exonerates Rape Accused T Freddy

A former Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officer, Inspector Gibson Jaji has exonerated rape accused Goodness and Mercy Ministries founder Prophet T Freddy becoming the second witness to clear the popular preacher. T Freddy is currently in court facing charges of raping ZBC presenter Rutendo Makuti. Jaji was part of police officers who were invited to Chief Chikwaka's homestead when the traditional leader tried to resolve T Freddy and Makuti’s relationship dispute. Jaji told the Harare Magistrates Court that he…

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Money Supply Surges

Zimbabwe’s reserve money for the week ending 14th January 2022 grew by ZW$1.06 billion to ZW$27.18 billion from the previous week’s position of ZW$26.12 billion as it continues to widen the gap ahead of December levels of ZW$25.94 billion…


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