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Jah Prayzah Defends ‘Dirty’ Song, Sadza Nemuriwo


Award-winning contemporary musician, Jah Prayzah real name Mukudzeyi Mukombe has come out in defense of his latest single, Sadza Ne Muriwo which is receiving backlash from a section of social media users over its perceived sexual connotations.

Responding to a tweet rebuking Sadza Ne Muriwo’s lyrics saying, “Zvinyadzi muri kuzvinyanya comrade. Street lingo, uchiterera nevabereki hazvinyatsoita (Your song contains too much indecent lyrics, one cannot listen to it with respectable people)”, Jah Payzah jumped on the same social media platform (Twitter) to defend the track and highlighted that it is a plain song with a literal meaning.

“Hapana chinonyadzisira pakubikirwa Sadza ne muriwo nemudzimai wako wawakabvisira pfuma. Kana pamuchato chaipo Mufundisi anozvitaura zvese sadza rangu chairo randirikutaura nerako riri mumusoro mako iroro zvinotaurwa,” he said.

(There is nothing vulgar about your wife cooking sadza and vegetables for you. Besides, there is nothing outstanding with my singing of literal or metaphoric sadza that you are thinking of, preachers talk of both on weddings)

Sadza and vegetable is street language for sex.

Although the crooner is known for lyrically rich works, Sadza Ne Muriwo is not his first song to go on the radar over dirty lyrics. His song Chengetedza from Kutonga Kwaro album also raised some eyebrows with some of its lyrics.

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Sadza Ne Muriwo comes days after Jah Prayzah’s former lead guitarist, Baba Harare released another sexually provoking single called Automatically whose success on charts is yet to be realised. His previous song, The Reason  Why which carried some sexual connotations awarded the crooner with a breakthrough that has seen him bagging shows across the borders and overseas

Dirty lyrics have become a shortcut to fame and breakthroughs with Zimdancehall artists like Souljah Love, Enzo Ishall and Hwinza leading the pact.

But in an interview with 263Chat, Hwinza admitted that dirty lyrics are not sustainable as he prepared himself to chant into non-explicit music productions.

“Dirty lyrics are not sustainable at all, they quickly vanish which is why you will get fewer songs like such this year. Pane Apupu is probably my last dirty song you will hear from me,” he said.

From there, Hwinza went on to release a clean Let me Go on Bitclub riddim which is performing well.

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