Zimbabweans Stand In Solidarity With Mai Titi After Humiliation

Following the humiliation of popular comedienne, Mai Titi, by a Tanzanian film production company, BJB Films, Zimbabweans have criticised the company’s lack of professionalism

Mai Titi, who was set to feature in the film A Life To Regret was dismissed from her role through a Facebook post which also indicated her replacement.

“It’s sad to announce that we had to terminate Mai Tt’s role and replaced her with ANGEL MARY KATO due to lack of professionalism on set and whilst living and working with other celebrities as well as the crew. We love Zimbabweans that’s why we picked someone from Zim but unfortunately we could not continue with her,” read the now-deleted post.

The post did not sit well with most Zimbabweans who reacted by lashing at the production company until the post was deleted.

Below are some social media reactions to the humiliating post;

Bajordan Christian Na Kiara Lets talk of professionalism! Is there any of it in this post? Character assassination at its best…this is poor PR from yo side big time…instead of this gossip like post u could have written a press statement 

Trisha Chikoho Vamwe vanhu varoyi vemasikati chaivo havatombomirire kudoke what do you benefit in Mai Tts image being stained bwee she has no manners as if you are mini Gods get away mhan vatakati vevanhu

Trisha Chikoho If I were Felistas I would sue you, this is career assassination, plus who watches those your lousy films, no Zimbabwean media house will be willing to interview you, you are just a bunch of unethical, unprofessional magotts

Sheilla Jack  I don’t think so y announcing it today when she was doing lives you were commenting that she is good 3wks back when her fans were asking about why are you no longer tagging her,you said you don’t comment on that better ask Mai Tt now you’re trying to paint her black so.that she can not be hired by some other agencies truth be told you were busy focusing on awilo and harmonize,she has kids to feed as a single parent to it seems as if you’re the 1 who lack professionalism

Chihera WaSamaita Mai TJ But were you even supposed to write such on social media?that’s soo unprofessional..munenge vepasi pemuti wo imi..you are tarnishing her image,manje tirikuiuzivai..she already has a brand,and may the Lord keep strengthening her brand..munhukadzi anogona kushandira mhuri yake!!you want to pull her down..who watches Tanzanian bioskop kuno anyway?zero..🙄🙄.she is human and people make mistakes,and if what you are saying is true mune zvamunenge mamuitawo..haangoiti noise pasina reason..

Rumbie Thelma Of all things you are talking of professionalism but you are doing the very thing you claim she did. It is so unprofessional to reveal such information publicly. Why don’t you do your own press release instead of waiting for interviews to pull down Mai TT. Why is the world like this

Mai Titi has since responded to the post alleging that the production company was underpaying her.

“We go where we get paid where we are not used, and taken advantage of because at the end of the day we got kids to take care of. We are Artists we deserve better. Fam link up with me on the 29th of May alongside Casper Nyovest,” she said.


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