Cassava Smartech Launches Ecocash Self Service Platform

Econet Holdings’ digital technology subsidiary, Cassava Smartech has launched the Ecocash-Micro-Services platform, a first of its kind in the country, that will empower its Ecocash customers with self service solutions as the financial tech giant seeks to boost efficiency for its growing customer base.

The development will ensure customers access personal Ecocash transaction statements, reverse transactions sent by error, view balances and reset their pin without visiting Econet shops or Ecocash agents.

The Ecocash-Micro-Services comes in three do-it-yourself services, the Self Registration, Self Care and Web Self Service Portal.

Under the Self Registration, customers can dial *151# and follow steps for self-registration which will also require one to fill in their identity number.

For Self Care services, one has to DIAL * 150# to do the following, rest pin, self-initiate a reversal of transaction wrongfully sent and also view tariff schedules.

The Web Self Service Portal will lead customers to a website that will offer options for one to view ecocash balances, reverse transactions made in error, rest their pin and to download and view their ecocash statements.

Speaking at the launch of the latest innovation, Ecocash chief executive, Natalie Jabangwe said due to the overwhelming customer care enquiries, the Cassava Smartech group has designed a solution to its customers at the tip of a button.

“In knowing that we lead technology here in Zimbabwe, as Cassava Smartech we are arguably Zimbabwe’s leading technology company, and if we are that, and if are not leading by example in leapfrogging in customer service orientation we have a problem,”

“What it means is that, when you have a lot of customers that you need to serve in real time, in one go, you have to automate, loosely coupled, Do-It-Yourself Services,” said Jabangwe.

This follows customer self-service trends that have been adopted by global tech giants such as Google,, Netflix and Apple who have designed similar technological  solutions to serve billions of customers around the world without them having to frequent their offices.

Lately, Ecocash subscribers have been complaining that it has become a futile exercise to call the Ecocash customer care toll free lines as they take time to be attended to clients, but the mobile money company attributes this to overwhelming calls at its call centres.

Ecocash customers have grown to over 9 million to date, from just about 2 million in 2011, and the latest innovation might just be the solution to end constant queues at Econet shops.