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Concern Over youth Under Representation

The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) has expressed concern over lack of self- representation by youth in decision making institutions among other grievances in the country.

In a statement to commemorate the National Youth Day, Zimcodd said constitutional amendment number 2 does not address self-representation.

“The lack of self-representation by youth in decision making institutions and spaces for them to be able to determine the economic trajectory that improve their present living conditions and inspire the future generations for people centered development

“The piecemeal amendment of the constitution as proposed by Clause 11 will not address this. High unemployment rate and the participation of the youth in undignified jobs in the informal economy such as the artisanal and small-scale mining which ended up having youth being involved in the violent machete wars amongst themselves and in their communities,” said ZIMCODD

The coalition said the continuous churning out of graduates from colleges does not match the employment demand.

“The continuous churning out of graduates from colleges and universities without matching resuscitation of the industry or education that is well suited for current conditions to create entrepreneurs and jobs is also a cause for concern.

“The systematic exclusion and disenfranchisement of youth in the country’s national political processes like elections for them to occupy influential positions and the continuous manipulation of youth by politicians to settle their political scores,” the coalition said

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ZIMCODD urged the Government to respect the constitution and create conducive working environs.

“The government must respect the Constitution and ensure active youth participation in economic policy making processes and create a conducive working environ for youth both in the formal and informal sector. This must involve consultation and inclusion of youths in policy formulation processes.

“For equal youth representation in national elections, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) must apply the progressive provisions already in the constitution to ensure a level playing field for youths to actively participate. This must include the creation of safe political spaces for youth participation especially young women.”

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