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Social Media Reacts To Wicknell’s Flying Kick Jest

Controversial businessman, Wicknell Chivayo has caused a social media stir after appearing in a video in which he threatened to unleash flying kicks on anyone who accuse him of swindling US$5 million from Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority’s (ZESA) Gwanda solar project.
In a video circulating on social media, Chivayo captures himself going  through an exercise session where he says, “These days I am fit, I am hitting 12 kilometres every morning as I prepare for an encounter with only one person who dares to accuse me, in my face, of using ZESA money to buy shoes. I will give that person Van Damme’s flying kick.”
After Chivhayo posted the controversial video, social media had a field day on the former jail bird. Below are the comments;
“Flying kick? How high off the ground? Kkkkk,” commented Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa.
“As I retire to bed, I leave you with this. Hakuna munhu unorova umwe flying kick iye achi femereka nokukoniwa kufamba.Idhlahi, mari dzenyu munyerere imiwee,kwete kuzvimakisa muchidai. The boy protests too much,” wrote another user.

“Agara ma flying kicks emuromo akaipa. Muromo unorova zvisingaiye apa ari kutotadza kutaura nemuromo kuzoti kusimudza gumbo racho kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk @ Hon TembaMliswa imbomupai a nice lesson,” added another user.

“Mmmm handioni hangu flying kick yaVadamme ichibuda. Dai pamwe ati ndokugarira saYokozuna.”

“Futseki wakambenge wakaonda here.kungoita flying kick iyoyo ukuita heart attack mira uone.”

“So we not gonna talk about the 12kays he is putting In every morning but continue to body shame him instead of encouraging him? Hookay!”

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“Gumbo racho raunosimudza riripiko iwe ukuitira kufemera pamsoro kunge dzetse nekufamba chete.”

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