We Need A United Front To End Zim Crisis: Chamisa

Save Zimbabwe Campaign, a coalition of churches, civic organizations and opposition parties, has called for united front in the fight against injustices and other socio-economic issues currently bedeviling the country.

The campaign seeks to call for the restoration of democracy, human rights and legitimate government to Zimbabwe through convergence.

Addressing journalists to mark the campaign’s 14th anniversary in Harare, MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa said it is now time for collective action.

“It’s no longer time for us to be divided in our little silos it’s now time for us to be united this is no longer time for partisan politics this now time for collective action. This platform is a citizen’s convergence, we are not coming to the platform as politicians but as citizens.

“We are also even inviting Zanu PF because hunger knows no party, this has nothing to do with partisan politics but this is something to do with our collective dignity as a people so we would encourage Zanu PF to also join the convergence of forces because if they are a force they must also be a part of this.

What we are having in this country is a clash of those who have power and those who have none. Citizens have more power and need to come together and realise their power. Any nation is determined by what it seeks to achieve and what we seek to achieve is liberation, democratisation, transformation so that we are able to achieve as a people” said Chamisa

In his solidarity message on behalf of the church, Zimbabwe Divine Destiny (ZDD) leader Bishop Ancelimo Magaya castigated arbitrary arrests of student leaders.

“Zimbabwe has journeyed through torrid cycles of socio economic and political dark chapters ever since our independence honeymoon and the event of the 11th of March 2007 is part of these repeated cycles.

“It is tragic to speak it but yet true to say that the cycles in which we are currently is characterised by continued arbitrary arrests, we know very well that some of our young persons are wallowing in prison right now the likes of Mako (Makomborero Haruzivishe) and Takudzwa Ngadziore.

“Torture, selective application of the law were for instance the likes of Chin’ono wallows in prison for weeks whilst Obadiah Moyo gets his bail within 24 hours this is obnoxious. If 14 year ago we coalesced around the issues that bedeviled our country and we still have the same issues if not more we have to come around once again to build the Zimbabwe that we want.” said Magaya.

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) president, Peter Mutasa said the country the Government is a threat to the country’s security.

“Zimbabweans have been through a lot of dark past as we commemorate this day we should not forget about Gukurahundi atrocities and genocide, we should not forget about September 13 2006 brutalization of trade union activist and leaders and the displacements in Chiadzwa and now the colonial displacements in Chilonga. This points out to a state that is clearly against its people the biggest threats to Zimbabwe’s security today is the state as led by the current Government.

“We are talking about this situation today in our view the Zimbabwean state is now a failed state. It is a failed that has also lost legitimacy we can argue academically and use all intellectual words that we have but you will see that Zimbabwe is a failed state when you fall ill and go to Parirenyatwa, Mpilo and Mutare hospitals and fail to get attention and pain killers,” Mutasa said.

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