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When strings get too attached

Skittles and Miri join Onai in this episode where they first celebrate Skittles birthday and she explains why she isn’t so “happy” about it. They then go into the constitutional court ruling, if Chamisa was really taking people through a wild goose chase or did they really get the raw end of the stick in court. The team also talks about a Zimbabwean who says that they will not be sending money home to people who still want the state of the country to stay the same.Aaaaand do you think its easy for the country to “just get over it and move on?” In Hashtags and Dot coms, how far is too far when it comes to the way your significant other talks to other people of the opposite sex? Can you take back a flirtatious boyfriend. We find out if there really is trouble in the Tytan and Olinda camp, his reaction and her reaction to it. Finally, does a person in a “no strings attached” relationship have the right to complain when she/he finds out that they are not the only one in the “no strings attached” relationship?

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