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MDC Councillor Scoffs at Kasukuwere’s ‘Bull in China Shop’ Behaviour

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GWERU- Movement for Democratic Change ward 11 Councillor for Mkoba, Albert Chirau has scoffed at former Local Government Minister Savior Kasukuwere’s decisions as the High Court recently overturned his dismissal in 2015 saying it was a nullity.

In an exclusive interview with 263Chat, Chirau who was dismissed in 2015 alongside former Mayor Hamutendi Kombayi on allegation of corruption and abuse of office, said former Zanu PF’s Kasukuwere acted like a ‘bull in a China shop’, bullying MDC Local Authorities on political grounds which resulted in him losing three years of service as a councillor.

“Instead of being happy I am saddened by the time lost which I should have served my ward.

“After 3 years of a defective and uninformed unilateral decision to dismiss me from my lawful engagement only to consent now that it was honestly a nullity it should have never happened in the first place,” Councillor Chirau said.

“I am thankful to the current Minister of Local Government, the Attorney General and the Ministry’s civil decision who took notice of this level of abuse of power by Kasukuwere and his cabal who behaved like bulls in a China shop.

Kasukuwere went on a rampage against MDC led councils which included Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Chitungwiza and several others.

Chirau said these acts by the former Minister were unconstitutional as they ran councils from his pocket.

“They took councils as their personal fifdoms disregarding processes of law as they had become law unto themselves,” he said.

The High Court recently gave a judgement dated 7 June 2018 overturning the two’s dismissal saying in was in contravention of the constitution.

“The 2nd Applicant’s dismissal (First Applicant being Hamutendi Kombayi) as a Councillor for Ward 11 Gweru City Council dated 29 July 2015 is a nullity having been made ultra vires section 278 (3) of the Constitution.

“The Applicants expressly relinquish any damages or monetary claim emanating from the a-fore stated dismissals.

“Each Party shall bear its own costs,” reads part of the High Court Judgement.

Going forward, Chirau who will stand as MDC-Alliance candidate for the same ward in the upcoming election after emerging victorious in the party’s primaries, says he is now focused on salvaging his political space and working for the development of the city.

“I was victimised so painfully that it gave me the strength to fight them in the courts of law and on the political ground to reclaim my social and political standing.

“Now I am fully focused to reclaim my space and complete the unfinished business of council competently and rationally, and contribute to nation building thereby turning around the fortune of our city.”

Chirau however said he will claim his entitlements despite the lost time which he said he sees no reason why council would refuse to honour.

“By operation of law mind you the dismissal was declared a nullity meaning I am a sitting councillor whose engagement was never interrupted and any entitlements which were illegally suspended, stopped or removed were automatically activated by the judgement.

“Issues of benefits are not really a big deal, we are talking of entitlements which are very menial dues that I don’t see any appetite from those responsible not to honour them,” said Chirau.

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