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Prove Your Loyalty, Molokele Dares MDC-A MPs

Pressure is internally mounting on MDC-Alliance legislators to choose between standing behind party leader, Nelson Chamisa and risking recall from Parliament by Thokozani Khupe, it has emerged.

Khuphe has been on a re-calling spree from Parliament of MDC-Alliance legislators loyal to Chamisa since the March Supreme Court judgment ascended her to presidency of the MDC-T party of 2014.

One of Chamisa’s closest allies and also Hwange Central legislator, Daniel Molokele yesterday posted on social media urging party legislators to come out clear regarding to where their allegiance lies.

“The die is already cast. Each legislator needs to accept that we are now all in the valley of political decision. Each of us is being called upon take a clear and unequivocal stance, on a point of principle. There is no room for fence sitting at all,” Molokele wrote.

Some senior members who were in the Alliance such as Morgen Komichi, Alias Mudzuri and Douglas Mwonzora have already crossed the floor to join MDC-T.

However, some MDC-A legislators have taken a sit-back approach as the turbulence in the main opposition politics unfolds due to fear of recall by Khuphe on one hand, while on the other they somehow feel indebted to the Alliance which brought them to Parliament.

“First option is to amicably engage those who now have the power to do the recalls. They will make sure that you are guaranteed from any recall. The second option is to continue to swear allegiance to the MDC Alliance as led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa,”

“In this regard, I need to state in no uncertain terms that personally, I have decided to stand firmly with the MDC Alliance and continue to support Advocate Nelson Chamisa as my President. This means that l am now more than ready to be recalled at any time,” the former alliance spokesperson stated.

Yesterday Khupe recalled eight more senators from Parliament, bringing to 21, the total number of legislators who have been recalled.



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