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Dominican Convent Headmistress In Hot Soup For Concealing Drug Abuse Case

Dominican Convent school head Sister Kudzai Mutsure could be charged with obstruction of justice for failing to report an incident of drug abuse that hit the upmarket school during a recent trip to Nyanga, Harare Provincial Development Coordinator Tafadzwa Muguti has hinted.

Posting on Twitter on Monday, Muguti said he has directed that a thorough investigation be done at Dominican Convent school to find the source of the drugs while warning arrogant schools that holding internal disciplinary hearings on clearly criminal matters will not be tolerated.

He declared war on drug abuse saying his office will be engaging all ministries departments and agents to collectively deal with the problem.

“School Heads are required to report any criminal offences to @PoliceZimbabwe which includes surrender of evidence in this case the actual drugs. Non cooperation may result in obstruction of justice and that has serious consequences. We can never tolerate ignorance to such cases.

“This includes holding internal disciplinary hearings on clearly criminal matters which require @PoliceZimbabwe investigation & arrest of offenders. My office has directed that thorough investigations be done at Dominican Convent which includes finding the source of the drugs,” added Muguti.

He added that that drug lords were targeting schools as a market, bullishly declaring that Harare province will win the war against drugs.

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“As @ProvinceHarare we will be engaging all Ministries Department & Agencies to collectively address this war on drugs. Let me assure all residents in the Province that we will win this war against drugs. Please contact our hotline on 0242 762 988 to make a report

“The @ProvinceHarare is facing the largest drugs crisis we have ever witnessed. Our schools are being targeted by drug Lords targeting our bright young boys & girls. Unfortunately some Private Schools are being arrogant & not reporting these cases to the Police,” said Muguti.

Dominican Convent school which is run by the Roman Catholic church was rocked by a case of drug abuse that saw eight girls being dismissed after they were caught with drugs during a prefects trip to Nyanga early January.

Zimbabwe is experiencing an upsurge in drug abuse cases and most of those abusing the drugs are young people with at least 57.1 percent of youths reportedly taking these illicit drugs and substances, according to government.

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