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Of Pastors And Swag: Where Do We Draw The Line?


From bishop collars to black suits, then bright colored suits and now street wear, pioneered by Good News Church founder formerly Spirit Embassy,Uebert Angel.

Those are the current fashion dynamics of modern day preachers.

However, this latest development at the pulpit has been met with mixed feelings as some seem fascinated by the idea of having a swagged up pastor preaching the Good News while others deem it signaling the end if times.

“This preacher is making worshiping God easier and more interesting,because I love fashion and he has managed to bring fashion into the church” says Susan Kamushana.

“The Bible actually teaches modesty rather than flamboyance and showiness.These are the last days,don’t mind them they are just fulfilling the book” adds Jekiseni, a worshiper with a Harare church.

“Thank you prophet Angel I might not follow your ministry but this trend will draw a lot of young people to Christ.We are tired of men in suits here in Africa,legendary hope one day my husband can level up our game ,very inspirational people” says Sammy Mapisa.

In an effort to gain more enlightenment on presentation of a preacher,this publication spoke to Joseph Munda a pastor with a local church.

“The bible may not necessarily point out exactly the type of clothes male preachers have to wear when presenting but when one is representing Zimbabwe at a world summit we all know they will be dressed modestly more often than not in a suit.What more God?”

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Though many may give a standing ovation to this ‘man of white cloth’s’ dress sense,fashionable would definitely not, because of his ignorance on relevance which is constitutes one of style principles.It is called street style which means it should dominate in the streets

There should be a difference between a performing stage and a pulpit.

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