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USAID Commits to Support Subsistence Farming in Zim

United States Agency for International Development’s through its Feed the Future projects which focus on commercializing low-income and food-insecure households has committed to continue supporting farming within families to help them survive.

Discussing food security in Zimbabwe during agricultural round table discussion on food security and agricultural programs in Zimbabwe, USAID testified how the program had changed lives in the country.

“We promote farming as a business, more specifically, farming as a family business. If the entire family sees their animals, crops, and land as assets with the potential to earn income, there is far greater chance of success,” says Adam Silagyi, USAID Agriculture Officer at USAID’s roundtable discussion on food security and agricultural programs in Zimbabwe.

Pamela Ncube, another nutrition specialist who spoke at the same occasion said stunting rate had gone down ever since they started their agriculture project.

“The Amalima project is a great example of a nutrition sensitive agriculture project. In looking at the achievements, the stunting rate or chronic malnutrition rate has actually reduced from 31.7% when we first started the project to 24.5% when we conducted the end line evaluation,” says Ncube-Murakwani, Nutrition Specialist for USAID’s Amalima project.

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