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No council workers will be fired : MDC-T


The MDC Harare Province wishes to make it categorically clear that it will not allow the MDC-dominated council to fire even a single employee in line with the recent Supreme Court ruling.

The party, through the province, has since directed the council not to engage in the needless retrenchment of employees in compliance with the court ruling.

It is the MDC, a pro-workers party, that deployed these councilors to serve all ratepayers in the first place and we will not allow them to be complicit in the  Zanu PF ploy to fight and fire workers on notice in an arbitrary and insensitive manner, without any packages or benefits.

In any case, it is individual councilors as chairpersons of council committees that had purportedly resolved to fire the 3 000 workers. Certainly, the decision of a few individual councilors cannot be allowed to prevail on a momentous issue of such magnitude in the absence of the convening of a full council.

In light of this, the Harare City council will therefore not fire any workers and all stakeholders are hereby advised accordingly.

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